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A031 NMEA 0183 and Seatalk* Multiplexer

SKU: QUA-0007

Need to consolidate all your marine data?

The A031 combines up to 3 NMEA inputs with a Seatalk bus.

An effective way to view all your marine data combined wirelessly anywhere on your boat to your mobile phones, tablet and laptop. Also with the added option to connect to a NMEA chart plotter.

QK-A031 NMEA 0183 multiplexer enables the connection of multiple NMEA 0183 devices and host devices. Such as phones, chart plotters, PCs, laptops and tablets.

QK-A031 multiplexer has three NMEA 0183 inputs (listener-ports),

  • SeaTalk1 input
  • NMEA 0813 output (talker-port)
  • A WiFi interface

It also has a USB port to connect to host devices.

The multiplexer combines NMEA data that is received on the listener ports and sends this data to a talker port, the WiFi interface and the USB port simultaneously. Configuration of specific WiFi and NMEA port settings using the USB port.

The built-in SeaTalk™ to NMEA converter translates SeaTalk data into NMEA sentences. This data is then combined with NMEA data received on the other inputs. SeaTalk is converted into NMEA sentences but not vice-versa. The SeaTalk bus is a single-cable system and connects all instruments serially. Also, it needs one SeaTalk input.

Every NMEA input on the QK-A031 is galvanically isolated, also called optoisolator. Galvanically isolated input prevents unwanted currents from flowing between the instruments and the multiplexer. This prevents equipment damage and interference with radio signals.

  • Very sophisticated NMEA 0183 and Seatalk multiplexer
  • No router needed
  • Multiplexer: Combines  up to 3 NMEA 0183  inputs with Seatalk
  • Converts Seatalk to NMEA 0183
  • A combined data stream is accessed wirelessly (WiFi) or through the USB or NMEA ports
  • Compatible with Chart plotters, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux systems, Android and iOS

Combines 1 SeaTalk* and 3 NMEA inputs into 1 wired NMEA or wirelessly output.


  • Multiplex up to three NMEA 0183 input devices.
  • Galvanically isolated NMEA and SeaTalk input ports.
  • Configurable baud rates: (4.8, 9.6, 38.4k input and output).
  • Differential NMEA output with galvanically isolated protection
  • Simultaneous wireless and USB output.
  • The internal WiFi access point connects up to 4 devices simultaneously.
  • SeaTalk to NMEA 0183 protocol converter
  • Wide power supply voltage: DC 12-35 Volts.
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS X, Linux systems, Android and iOS
  • Can connect to older RS232 products through optional Protocol Bridge (AS03).


QK-A031 has the following electrical connections/indicators:

  • SeaTalk input connector.
  • NMEA input.
  • NMEA 0183 output.
  • WiFi Interface. TCP/IP port monitoring software to check wireless connection. As shown in the application notes and the SSID and password can be changed through QK-A031 configuration APP, increasing security and memorability. QK-A031 can connect in Ad Hoc (peer-peer mode) or Station Mode (through the ‘Cloud’ via a router) by selecting the mode and specifying the SSID and Password. This allows for greater range and remote access. As well as multi-device access so your telemetry can be monitored from wherever you are as long as the instruments are powered.
  • LED lights. Which indicate power (8), NMEA In (2,3,4) NMEA out (5) and SeaTalk (1) status respectively.
  • USB connector.


  • QK-A031 1 x
  • USB-B cable 1 x
  • CD containing Manuals, Configuration Software and drivers 1 x
  • Setup Guidebook 1 x

By Quark-Elec

Additional information

Item Measurements

Approx. 9cm x 14.5cm


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Item Measurements

Approx. 9cm x 14.5cm

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