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X914 – Battery Backed Power Supply 115/230VAC to 24VDC (2 amp)

SKU: PSU-0011

X914 – Battery Backed Power Supply 115/230VAC to 24VDC (2 amp)

Designed for the X2272 VDR/S-VDR system

Switch selectable input or either 115 or 230VAC with a battery-backed 24V output.
Battery-backed and non-battery-backed connections are present, also, with the battery backup switching over on loss of AC input for seamless operation.

AC fail contact output for external monitoring.

Batteries are not included.

Suitable batteries are 2x 12V Lead Acid battery packs – available from AMI Marine under code BAT-0003.



The X2272 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder is today’s most compact, reliable, and competitively priced S-VDR system. AMI Marine’s track record of reliability continues. Furthermore, it is the only S-VDR manufacturer to continue producing and supporting a legacy system for over 16 years.

Designed for easy and economical installation. The X2272 is the system of choice for vessels requiring an S-VDR system that offers ongoing performance with excellent support.

  • The X2272 captures all mandatory information. Also, it stores it in an approved data storage capsule.
  • Fully automated data capture. It also requires no action from the ship’s crew.
  • Additionally, the crew may initiate an incident capture, which will save 12 hours of data.
  • Up to two days of ship data can be accessed from the system memory. Additionally, a continual loop process overwrites the data.
  • A minimum of 12 hours of historic playback data can be recovered. You can use a laptop or storage device to download the capsule information.
  • The system continues recording data without interruption during the download process.

The system is compact and lightweight, the system is ideal for both large and small vessel bridges.

By AMI Marine Limited

X2272 S-VDR Data Sheet