The right time to buy British!

The Right Time to Buy British!

With the British Pound dropping in value against the US Dollar, NOW is the time to buy British!

On Monday Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng pledged tax cuts in the UK to boost economic growth. This caused investors’ confidence to drop and interest rates were driven down to a record low of $1.0350. However, this is not all bad news for us Brits.

A good time to buy British!

Our company is a UK manufacturer who sells overseas, so buying from us now while exchange rates are favourable is a huge advantage.

Increasing red tape and new customs checks hampered the UK’s exports after Brexit. However, this drop in Sterling can help to boost foreign sales for British businesses like us.

Why choose British? 


British manufacturing is amongst the best in the world and renowned for its quality.  You are investing in skilfully manufactured products, designed and crafted to last.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer relations, the British know manners are everything. We know the value of our customers and ensure we meet all expected standards.

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