AMI Marine are proud to launch the NEW X-VCR paperless Course Recorder

X-VCR NEW Generation Paperless Course Recorder SYS-0089

The New X-VCR is a new generation Course Recorder supporting both paperless course recording and traditional dot-matrix printing. Therefore, providing a cost-effective solution for any vessel. The New X-VCR can display, record, store, and playback data from all the usual equipment on the bridge: Gyro Heading GPS data Rate of Turn Rudder Angle (Single or…

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Be King

The X2 Voyage Data recorder is the King of our Voyage Date Recorder range, designed to protect your assets while offering powerful and robust technology. Built to last and reliable when you need it to be, the X2 is an install and forget, low maintenance part of your vessel’s data management system. With superior storage…

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Be Proud

Take pride in the efficiency of your fleet and vessel management AMI Marine are Proud to introduce the all new X2 Voyage Data Recorder. We have carefully researched the current market and what ship owners and crew need. Our in-house developers and engineers have designed a VDR that is simple to use, reliable and works…

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Be Powerful

Be powerful X2 VDR by AMI Marine

Confidence comes from just knowing how it all works The all new X2 Voyage Data Recorder is powerful and tough but quite understated in its own way. It’s also supported by the best customer service in the industry. We will deliver directly to your vessel and install anywhere in the world – for less than you think! AMI’s…

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Be Protected

The X2 protects your vessel with safe data AMI’s latest Voyage Data Recorder is designed to ensure that you have the answers in the event of an incident. If the worst should ever happen, you need reliable VDR’s in your fleet. AMI offers a cost-effective solution with easy installation that will always fit in with…

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