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AMI Marine began as an Interfacing specialist in 1995, and since that time we have refined each of our interface products to suit the needs of older vessels. We are experts in creating bespoke solutions for individual vessel requirements and have also developed new products to meet modern interfacing demands.

AMI Marine are at the forefront of system connectivity, ensuring your older systems can integrate with newer bridge equipment. Our individualised solutions mean we can create an interface to meet your specific needs, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for your vessel.

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X903-X Synchro Retransmission Unit

Converting NMEA 0183 data into a legacy synchro signal, of almost any ratio.

With new gyro systems offering only NMEA 0183 data output, the X903-X is a cost-effective solution for older repeater systems, autopilots, and navigation equipment that require a synchro signal.

X910 Synchro to NMEA Interface

The X910 interface is a synchro to NMEA 0183 converter, accepting a wide range of synchro voltages and ratios.

Applications include gyro compass conversion for RADAR, ECDIS and heading displays, rudder sensor angle for use with a VDR to list only a few.

X920 Digital to Analogue Interface

The X920 converts NMEA 0183 data from equipment such as gyro, GPS, echo sounder, speed log and more, into either a variable voltage or 4-20mA signal. This conversion allows the connection of more modern equipment to legacy equipment that doesn’t have NMEA capabilities.

X941 – Stepper Interface Series

The X941 series of interfaces will convert the NMEA 0183 date into a 6 step per degree stepper signal.
For negative stepper signal output, the X941-E is available in a 24/50V or 35/70V configuration.
The X941-P offers user-selectable positive or negative stepper output, also available in a 24/50V or 35/70V configuration.

NMEA to Stepper Interface – 48 Steps Per Degree

The X948 interface converts NMEA 0183 heading data into a 48 step per degree signal.

Applications include refitting a ship with a new gyro, whilst retaining the existing repeaters.

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