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Fraud Emails & Fake invoice requests

This week the UK Action Fraud Team announced that Covid fraud had cost £34.5m in stolen in pandemic scams.

As the maritime industry continues to navigate its way through this global health crisis, AMI Marine continue their heightened awareness of both cybersecurity and identity fraud.

When making payments to AMI Marine or any other supplier, always ensure that the bank details used to comply with those on the verified invoice. WE NEVER CHANGE OUR BANKING DETAILS.

Should you receive a request to direct a payment to a different bank or using a different bank account to those of the original request, then, with immediate effect contact AMI Marine as the supplier for assistance. It is important to stop any transactions until you have received clarity from AMI Marine.

The security of your payment is of the utmost importance to AMI Marine. We ask that if you are unsure at any point of a transaction that you contact our Accounts Team by phoning +44 2380 480 450 for immediate assistance and not to query any suspected fraud activity by email. We will verify your identity over the phone and then assist you.

Please also note that the AMI Marine email format for ALL staff is – Should you receive an email, which is not from our domain, please contact us immediately. or +44(0)2380 480 450

Here are top tips on how to prevent fraud.

Manage your emails

Avoid opening emails that you do not know, as these can contain phishing spyware. Start marking as spam any suspicious or unwanted emails that show up in your inbox. This means similar messages will be automatically routed to the trash. If your inbox continues to fill with unwanted spam, investigate other email providers.

Don’t give out personal information to unknown parties

Never give out personal details over the phone, or over text to unknown parties or over email to unknown parties. Scammers will often buy similar phone numbers to legitimate companies and change only one number in the hope that you “fat-finger” dial, or that you use the wrong toll-free extension, like in your case. Always double- and triple-check a number before calling or replying to unexpected text messages.

Unwanted or unexpected messages

I keep getting text messages on my phone from the Parcel Sorting Center, saying for me to click on a link. But I’m nervous. Be nervous! That sounds like a package delivery scam. Crooks often will guide you to a nefarious website where they request personal information — like a credit card or Social Security number — to “verify” that a package being delivered is yours. If you’re having issues with a package that you legitimately ordered, go directly to the merchant you ordered it from and request a tracking number.

Do a quick Facebook privacy checkup

Click the downward arrow button in the upper right corner of your Facebook page. Then click on Settings & Privacy and Privacy Checkup. This easy-to-use wizard will guide you through settings that will enable you to lock your profile so that only your friends can see it — and scammers will be locked out.

Check unfamiliar e-retailers

Before purchasing something from a retailer you haven’t used before, do a web search for the company’s name, followed by the words “scam,” “fraud” and “complaints,” in order to get a fast read on its veracity. Then read other user reviews. Also, read the About page on the company’s website to find out who owns it and where it’s based. It’s better to know that the businesses you buy from can help you avoid any fraudulent deals.

Say no to gift cards

Prepaid gift cards have become one of the fastest-growing requested forms of payment from criminals, and they are virtually untraceable. Take the pledge: “I will never, ever, ever buy a gift card for someone I don’t know.” Gift cards should only be purchased for family and friends.

Copy all the contents of your wallet today

This is a simple way to protect yourself from identity theft and credit card fraud. If you have copies of the front and back of all ID and credit cards stored in a safe place, you’ll have the account numbers and customer service lines instantly available.

Stop, breathe, ask

Often, scammers rush their victims and push lots of emotional hot buttons to get you to stop thinking rationally.  Never let strangers force you into fast decisions. Pause, calm yourself and think clearly and critically. Chances are you’ll quickly see the situation for what it really is.

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AMI Marine, we keep ships shipping.

For any questions regarding AMI Marine’s payment policies please email our finance team at or visit read our terms and conditions HERE



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