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A new partnership contract with Hensoldt

AMI Marine is proud to announce our partnership with Hensoldt. We now provide them with VDR/S-VDR systems for their international clients.

Hensoldt is branding this next generation VDR. Which includes a combination of a new real-time data display, increased storage capacity. Also a user-friendly replay software functionality.

AMI’s X2 VDR/S-VDR is a retrofit solution that exceeds stringent IMO regulations. Also including storage capacity up to 1TB, which far surpasses the required 48 hours of storage required.

AMI Marine has worked closely with Kelvin Hughes for many years. And are now delighted to be further developing our partnership with Hensoldt.

As a developer of both turnkey and bespoke solutions for bridge and navigation systems. It is an exciting time for AMI Marine as we continually evolve commercial bridge and navigation systems. Additionally, often collaborating with high-quality brands to expand our product solutions range.

The very latest product release is our new Paperless Course Recorder. The X-VCR can record and display data from Gyro Heading, GPS data, Rate of Turn, and Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder). Data is stored on a solid-state external drive. Therefore, providing up to 36 months of data which can be extracted for review and playback at any time.

In addition to our own products, AMI has partnered with industry-leading brands. To now provide a wide range of products to ship owners with a one-stop chandlery. Covering engineer tools and safety products for both crew and vessel.

If you would like to know more please email our team. [email protected] or contact our team today on +44 (0)2380 480450.




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