Course Recorder & Heading Tape Display

The KW991-CR is both course recorder and multi-function display. It offers a user selectable moving tape heading, numeric heading display and heading plus GPS data. It accepts gyro and GPS data and is compatible with most proprietary gyro and standard GPS equipment.


Gyro and GPS data is output at selective intervals and can be sent for archiving to a PC and also to the optional dot matrix KW991-PRN printer.


  • +/-12.5 deg moving tape display for clarity and ease of reading
  • Clear and easy to read four digit heading display
  • Heading display with optional GPS data
  • Gyro heading and GPS data archived on PC rather than paper media
  • Suitable for trunnion or flush mounting

Optional Addons


Course Recorder & Heading Tape Display

A universal course recorder with printer which can be used as a direct replacement for the dd electro-mechanical course recorder. Heading and GPS data is displayed. The screen presentation of a moving tape allows the instrument to be used as a Heading Repeater.

POWER   24v at 12w. Switch on surge 2 amps

DC and rectified unsmoothed DC stepper, 4 to 90v. 360:1 Synchro up to 115v/90v. 50/60 400/500 Hz. 90X 400 Hz contactless transmitters. Tracking rate =Frequency / 3deg/sec. (DC step 333 deg/sec) NMEA 0183 input, so both input channels are NMEA. Input 1 must be $HEHDT, x.x ,T NMEA 0183, GPS data or GPS and heading data. These sentences provide the data required. $GPRMC or $GPGGA + $GPVTG + $GPZDA.

OUTPUT   4800 baud. 8 bits. No parity. 1 stop bit. RS422 and RS232 compatible. 3 x 5v CMOS ports to sink or source 5 mA. 5 volt low power alarm output as default. 
DIMENSIONS   280 x 160 x 90mm



The Printer is a dot matrix, 4800Bd Serial Data printer which displays the information provided by the KW950-CR and KW991-CR.

POWER   110 or 220v DC


OUTPUT   Plain Text
DIMENSIONS   366 x 275 x 160mm