IEC61162-450 Gateway Interface

The ZMG-340 has IEC61162-450 protocol capability ideal for connection non-networked equipment to IEC61162-450 ship navigation and communication networks.

It is a NMEA-0183 serial to/from Ethernet (TCP/IP UDP) Gateway and 4ch Multiplexer, can process all types of serial signals such Modbus-ASCII, Modbus-RTU and Binary Data.


NMEA-0183 to/from IEC61162-450 Gateway

CAN to/from Ethernet Gateway

Serial to/from CAN Gateway

NMEA-0183 to/from Ethernet Gateway and Multiplexer, 4 channel Combiner

Serial to/from Ethernet Gateway

Convert Serial to/from Serial (Conversion of Baud rate, Data length, Parity and Stop bit)

Convert CAN signal to/from Serial and Ethernet

High speed transmitting and receiving of Serial data (Up to 230,400bps)


IEC61162-450 Gateway Interface