Ship Movement Information Display System

Navigating or manoeuvring in strong winds or currents and in confined waters requires great skill and places severe demands on masters and pilots. Reliable and accurate information on ship movement is essential to maximise safety, reduce the risk of structural damage to ship and shore infrastructure and minimise the threat of accidental pollution.

Highly sensitive, and accurate to 0.01knots, SMIDS will detect and display vessel movement instantly – often before it is visibly apparent – ensuring vessel movement is precisely controlled and corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity. It is the perfect solution for large vessels, those where bridge visibility is restricted, lightering, dredging and for ships that frequently manoeuvre without tugs in adverse conditions.


  • Accurate to 0.01 knot to ensure precise vessel control
  • Reliable and accurate in any sea state
  • Unaffected by water conditions such as turbulence, cavitation, depth, salinity.
  • Easy to retrofit while at sea, no vessel downtime
  • No through hull fittings, low installation cost
  • Cost effective and reliable - no on-going maintenance costs
  • Fully type approved to IEC 61023 and SOLAS V/19 2.9.2 for vessels over 50,000gt


Satellite Antenna (Bow and Stern)

The KW900 Antenna is robust and sturdy and specially designed to work with SMIDS. It provides an optimum reception allowing SMIDS to be the most accurate speed and distance measuring device on display system on the market.


Satellite Signal

DIMENSIONS   150 x 150 x 96mm


The Main Electronic Unit

The SMIDS MEU combines the raw GPS/GLONASS receiver data and the Gyro heading data. This is distributed to the various displays with outputs available for connections to external equipment, i.e. VDR/SVDR, Radar, etc.


115/230v DC

INPUT   NMEA 0183 Raw Data
OUTPUT   NMEA 0183 Processed Data
DIMENSIONS   400 x 450 x 150mm


Heading Tape Display


POWER   24v DC. Switch on surge 2 amps.

DC and rectified unsmoothed DC stepper, 4 to 90v. 360:1 Synchro up to 115v/90v. 50/60 400/500Hz. 90X 400 Hz contactless transmitter. Tracking rate = Frequency / 3deg/sec. (DC step 333 deg/sec) NMEA 0183 input, so both input channels are NMEA. Input 1 must be $HEHDT, x.x, T NMEA0183, all heading sentences, with gyro priority.

OUTPUT   NMEA 0183 Heading & ROT
DIMENSIONS   280 x 160 x 90mm


Navigator’s Display

This display gives an accurate indication on the movement and direction of the vessel. Satellite received status, bow and stern dual axis ground speeds, distance run in the direction of the bow, GPS position, UTC time; COG and SOG, Dual axis speed through water (option NMEA input from the speed log) are all available from the KW991-ND.


24v at 12w. Switch on surge 2 amps.


Raw Data

OUTPUT   NMEA 0183 Processed Data
DIMENSIONS   280 x 160 x 90mm


Heads Up Display

The Heads Up Display shows Bow and Stern ground speeds in combination with heading from the ship’s gyro. Using the optional protective enclosures these units can be installed externally on the bridge wings.

POWER   24v at 12w. Switch on surge 2 amps.

Raw Data

OUTPUT   NMEA 0183 Processed Data
DIMENSIONS   280 x 160 x 90mm


GRACIE (Bow and Stern)

“GRACIE” is the acronym for GPS Regulator and Control Interface Equipment.


Installed at the Bow and Stern of the vessel this unit receives a signal from the antenna and sends the raw GPS/GLONASS data to the MEU.

POWER   24v DC

RTCM (optional)

DIMENSIONS   160 x 160 x 90mm