Analogue to NMEA Interface

The ‘X16-A Analogue to NMEA Interface’ is designed to convert variable analogue signals into an NMEA data sentence which can be recorded by a VDR, for example, in a simple to understand format.

Example equipment would be Thrusters, Engine Telegraph, Shaft RPM and other standard Analogue data.


  • LEDs to indicate function and data activity.
  • Clear Perspex safety guard
  • Jumper selectable AC/DC inputs
  • NMEA Pass through facility
  • 16 individually isolated monitored inputs
  • Input for Backup 24v


Analogue To NMEA Interface


POWER   24v DC Normal, (min 12V DC to 30V DC max)

16 channels +/- 0.5 to +/- 30 volts DC or 0.5 to 30 volts AC (Extendable with additional resistor).

Adjustable 33K ohm minimum input impedance. Low pass filtered

Isolated at more than 500 volts level Sampled at 1 second interval

Analogue to digital conversion of, 10 bits, filtered to give 256 values, -127% to +127%. typical 1 % accuracy

1 x pass-through / NMEA input channel.


NMEA 0183 port. 4800 baud combined data



4x M4 mounting holes at 246x153mm