BN150 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System

The BN150 system is designed to be a practical and economic solution with fleet owners and operators in mind. From the use of a simple two wire connection cable to the functional design of the main distribution unit, the BN150 is purpose built for straightforward installation.  Setup and commissioning can usually be performed by the ship’s crew using the comprehensive installation manual supplied with every system.



  • Backup officer selection for any combination of up to five officers
  • Two core interconnect cable throughout for easy, cost effective installation
  • LCD display for easy menu driven operation
  • Compact design is ideal for space limited bridge
  • Choice of audible and visual alarms to suit any location
  • Up to three years’ warranty with global service and support


Optional Addons

DC-150 w/DU150

Display Console & Distribution Unit

The Display Console is situated on the bridge, giving an audible and visual indication for stage 1 alert. The DC-150 has been designed with an easy to use menu system giving access to all adjustable settings which are protected by a removable Key switch.

(This unit is available with Panel, Trunnion and Wall mount options.)


The DU-150 Distribution Unit is compact and links all components via the IP66 enclosure. It comes with a pre-assembled umbilical cable for connecting to the Display Console, with multiple knockouts for convenient installation. Inputs from external equipment alarms and a dedicated output for the VDR/S-VDR are incorporated.

POWER   24v DC through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
INPUT   Through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
OUTPUT   Through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
DIMENSIONS   150 x 80 x 45mm


POWER   24v DC
INPUT   From Primary Equipment 
OUTPUT   To Primary Equipment
DIMENSIONS   254 x 180 x 90mm


Motion Detector

The Motion Detector has a range of up to 12 Metres through a 90 Degree arc. It can detect human presence and reduces the need to operate the reset buttons when the crew are busy on the Bridge. This item is subject to Class approval.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Infrared
OUTPUT   Motion Detected
DIMENSIONS   65 x 117 x 47mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


External Reset Switch

The External Reset Switch has a visual and audible indication which is ideally suited to the external bridge wings. The RE-150 is housed in an IP66 enclosure and has an illuminated push button with integral sounder.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Alarm Signal
OUTPUT   Visual & Audible Alarm
DIMENSIONS   130 x 94 x 81mm


Internal Reset Switch

The Internal Reset Switch is robust and easy to identify. It is a visual only unit which can be positioned at various locations throughout the bridge for a quick and effective resetting of the system.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Alarm Signal
OUTPUT   Visual Alarm
DIMENSIONS   94 x 94 x 81mm


Sounder Beacon with Buzzer

The Sounder Alarm Beacon gives an audible and visual indication of Stage 2 and 3 alarms. This unit is ideal for officer cabins, crew common areas, and is especially suited to large noisy areas within the vessel. This unit comes with a programmable volume and type approved tone.

POWER   12v DC
OUTPUT   Visual Alarm (0.7j) and Audio Alarm (101dB (A)
DIMENSIONS   93 x 93 x 120mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945



The Sounder provides an audible alarm for stages 2 and 3. This unit is best suited to officer cabins and crew common areas. Generally the locations of the SD-150 units will be determined by class and flag.

POWER   24v DC

Audio Alarm (102dB (A)

DIMENSIONS   93 x 93 x 93mm


Battery Backed AC/DC Power Supply

The battery backed PSU has 115/220 AC selectable input with a 24v DC output. It is designed to provide a minimum of six hours power to the BNWAS in the event of ship supply failure.


Two Yuasa Sealed lead-acid model NPH5-12 5 AH -20 to 60 deg C rating. (RS 320 4508) The batteries operate in any orientation except Inverted. Float-charged as recommended by Yuasa to 27.3 volts using the constant voltage method. After supporting the s-VDR in reserve power mode (for 2 hours) the recommended recharge time is 10 hours. Battery Life is 4 years from installation. Alternative: Yuasa NP 4-12 (RS 198 8068) rated for 5 to 35 deg C


Nominal  115/230v 50/60 Hz. +/- 20%. Fused with 20 mm fuse in fuse holder. 115/230 volts selection switch

OUTPUT   Nominal 30v DC, in proportion to mains voltage variations. Rated for 1.5 amps continuous current. Automatic change-over to battery when mains drops or fails.

210 x 165 x 108mm

APPROVALS   IEC60945, IEC61996