Universal Interface & Display

The KW950-E has over 70 selectable functions, from basic baud rate changes to synchro or stepper to NMEA data conversion. The clear ‘Red on Black’ display will show the desired information depending on the option selected.

A genuinely versatile interface, the KW950-E has applications for interfacing with VDR, AIS, gyro, speed log and many other commonly found items of bridge navigation equipment.


  • Versatile interface, interfaces with many items of bridge equipment
  • Multi-purpose easy read digital display
  • Pass though option mode
  • Certified to IEC60945


Universal Interface & Display


POWER   Nominal 24 volts DC at 5 watts.

6 steps per degree, including raw rectified stepper, 20 to 70v. Synchro 360:1 (1 rev per degree) 50 to 115 v. ref. 20 to 90v. 400 Hz “contactless transmitter.” M-Type stepper. OR NMEA 0183 heading, $HEHDT OR 200 or 400 pulses per mile. Echo sounder transmit and receive pulse. 


NMEA 0183 heading sentences. Gyro has priority. Cetrek, Yokogawa, Robertson, SG Brown proprietary data, Anschutz Coursebus, or data to be passed through.


NMEA 0183 default $HEHDT,x.x,T and $HEROT One per second and whenever heading changes. Or Robertson, Yokogawa, SGB data, Anschutz Coursebus.“Pass-through” mode. Heading and GPS data. Speed or depth NMEA 0183.Two 5v CMOS drivers for Furuno data and clock or Yokogawa 2400 baud data.


146 x 142 x 120mm