4 Channel Analogue to NMEA Inteface

The KW935 converts +/-35v and 4-20mA signals into NMEA data. Four separate input channels will accept any combination of input signals and will give one of a number of selectable data sentences. Ideal for connection of a telegraph systems, RPM indicators, thrusters etc. to the VDR i.e. 


4 Channel Analogue to NMEA Interface


POWER   Nominal 24v DC at 2 watts. Isolated from ground.
INPUT   4 channels +/- 0.5v to +/- 30 volts for full scale (extendable with additional resistor). Adjustable. 50 K ohm input impedance. Isolated at more than 500 volts level. Sampled at 1.6 second interval. Analogue to digital conversion of 8 bits. 256 values. 4-20 mA signals can be measured by the voltage across the line, terminated in 100 to 500 ohms. The KW935 is not intended to have low resistance and be inserted into a loop with other receivers.1 NMEA 0183 port. Acts as data pass-through input channel so that data can be combined.

NMEA 0183 port. 5 volt level CMOS via 47 ohms.16 selectable output options.

In addition to the 16 options already available, this interface can be programmed to any specific

customer requirement. (price on enquiry).

DIMENSIONS   146 x 222 x 55mm