Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

Designed to meet all requirements specified by the IMO, international class societies and flag states, the KW810 combines quality, performance and sophisticated aesthetics.

It is ideally suited to larger more modern vessels and offers practical functionality to ensure there is activity on the bridge.

In addition to the standard "push to reset" controls the KW810 offers the option of a passive infrared detector. When the sensor detects movement on the bridge, it will automatically reset the BNWAS counter, leaving the OOW free to carry out his normal duties without the concern of manually resetting the BNWAS.

The equipment brings peace of mind to ship owners and managers for dealing with strict operational procedures, while offering immediate compatibility with current and future IMO amendments.


  • Fully type approved BNWAS system according to, MSC128 (75), IEC60945 & IEC62616
  • Stylish yet functional, fits unobtrusively into IBS consoles
  • Ergonomically designed, intuitive touch screen operation
  • Durable capacitive touch technology, zero maintenance
  • Easy installation, smart cable runs reduce costs
  • Future proof interfacing to accommodate forthcoming IMO requirements
  • Pre-sale advice and technical support
  • Worldwide sales and Service network
  • Peace of mind with AMI  3 year warranty

Optional Addons

KW810-M w/KW810-MEU

Monitor and Alert Panel & The Main Electronic Unit

The Monitor and Alert Panel is situated on the bridge and gives an audible and visual indication for stage 1 alert. The MAP also has an emergency call function that can be used to raise a response from the ship’s officers if required.

The KW810 MEU is housed in a rugged IP57 enclosure. There are 4 Inputs providing connection to Autopilot, GPS and Unacknowledged Alarms. An Output is also provided for VDR/S-VDR recording. Extra interfacing has been provided as standard in order to accommodate future IMO requirements.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   All Alert stages and Audible Alarm
DIMENSIONS   225 x 165 x 100.5mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945
POWER   110/220v AC standard 24v DC available on special order.
INPUT   NMEA0183 x 5 for Autopilot, GPS, Unacknowledged Alarms Dry Contact x 5 for Autopilot Engaged & Unacknowledged Alarms
OUTPUT   NMEA0183 for VDR/s-VDR recording
DIMENSIONS   300 x 300 x 150mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)

The Passive Infrared Detector has a range of up to 12 Metres through a 90 Degree arc. It can detect human presence and reduces the need to operate the reset buttons when the crew are busy on the Bridge. This item is subject to Class approval.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Infrared
OUTPUT   Motion Detected
DIMENSIONS   65 x 117 x 47mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


Remote Alert Panel

The Remote Alert Panel is a reset button that can be installed at various points throughout the bridge. Due to the RAP being housed in an IP65 enclosure, these units can also be fitted outside on the bridge wings.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Bridge Alert
OUTPUT   Bridge Alert and Audio Alarm
DIMENSIONS   120 x 90 x 50mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


Sounder Alarm Beacon

The Sounder Alarm Beacon gives an audible and visual indication of Stage 2 and 3 alarms. This unit is ideal for officer cabins, crew common areas, and is especially suited to large noisy areas within the vessel. This unit comes with a programmable volume and type approved tone.

POWER   12v DC
OUTPUT   Visual Alarm (0.7j) and Audio Alarm (101dB (A)
DIMENSIONS   93 x 93 x 120mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


Watch Alert Panel

The WAP provides a visual and audible indication for stages 2 and 3. This unit is perfect for officer cabins, and crew common areas such as Ship’s office, Mess, Smoke room, etc. Generally the locations of the WAP units will be determined by class and flag.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Bridge Alert
OUTPUT   Bridge Alert, Visual and Audio Alarm
DIMENSIONS   120 x 90 x 50mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


Duty Officer Selector

The Duty Officer Selector switch is used to direct Stage 2 alarms to the appropriate on duty officer cabins. This is useful for preventing the off duty officer from being interrupted when resting.

The Officer Selector Interface works in conjunction with the DOS to distribute 2nd stage alarm to the selected officers.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   n/a
OUTPUT   Selected Officer
DIMENSIONS   ABS Moulded Plastic 120 x 90 x 50mm IP65
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945


POWER   12v DC
INPUT   Selected Officer
OUTPUT   Selected Officer
DIMENSIONS   220 x 145 x 55mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945